Banff, Canada 

When I arrived in Banff it reminded me of home a little. The mountains surrounding the town and the general ski resort atmosphere. But it was more Canadian, with low story buildings and country bars. It was beautiful and I loved it straight away.


Our hotel was on Banff Avenue, the street with all the restaurants, bars and shops on it, and we couldn’t  have asked for a better location. 


When we arrived we had spent the day in Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, so we were pretty tired. We checked in to our hotel, went for a bite to eat and a beer and then called it a night. 

We started our next day by heading to the historic caves in Banff National Park. This is where some railway workers stumbled across the Banff hot springs in 1883, leading to the establishment of Canada’s first national park.

Whereas people used to bath in and drink the water from the hot springs, today this particular site is protected due to it being the only home of the Banff Snail.


Banff Historic Cave

The cave itself smelt strongly of sulphur and the water was bubbling. This is due to the fact that roughly 3km below the Earth the water is naturally heated and mineralised and then returns to the pools.  

There was another pool outside. We tried hard, but couldn’t see any snails. 


Outdoor pool

After looking at and learning about all the thermal water, we decided to go and take a dip in some ourselves. We headed to Banff Upper Hot Springs, where the water was about 37 degrees celsius. 


Upper Hot Springs



After this we walked along Bow Falls, which was stunning, before heading to the Banff Springs hotel for lunch on the terrace.


Bow Falls



Banff Springs Hotel
View from the terrace of the hotel


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